Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lonely China Trepidation

I have been distant, out of touch, remote, lost and broken. However, I have returnethed. “What have you been up to?!” I hear my three followers cry. I’ve been travelling around China. I’ve seen a metropolis, a mountains and sorrow. Below you will find some holiday snaps from my journey.

The very beginning; we began the journey on a bicycle. It was snowy and cold. I froze, but my head turned to the mountains in the West and I remembered that I am, the Bicycle Queen. We cycled from homie home home to the train station. From there we caught the train onwards to Shanghai 上海.

All over Shanghai, people were waking queasy and despondent; we took an early morning stroll down Nanjing Lu. It was samey.

I met a squirrel-cat. Its facial expression coupled with its tufty and aloft tail indicated that it did not understand me.

We visited the bund. The skyline was shrouded in a misty haze; the buildings stood grey and flat.

A café put me in bad mood, when they refused to serve me. I sat and stared out the window, whilst my owner sipped a range of exotic teas. The day was not going well.

I insisted on returning to the bund that night - This time it sparkled.

The rest of the evening was spent in a Jazz club.

I fled to a mountain retreat.

I thought of a bear I knew back home; suddenly the room seemed too big for me....

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